Date: 6th September 2019 at 10:42am
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If the speculation in the media this morning is based on solid foundations, it could very well see Manchester United bring another high-priced defender to the club.

After bringing Harry Maguire to the club and in doing so breaking the world record transfer fee for a defender, one news source we stumbled upon, The Birmingham Mail, is championing the inference that Ole Gunnar Solksjaer would quite like to pair Maguire with the Portuguese international defender, Ruben Dias.

Our source is reporting that Manchester United sent scouts to watch the defender play a key part in Benfica’s 4-0 win over Braga, at the weekend.

But, as we may have hinted earlier, the 22-year-old won’t come cheap with Benfica having inserted an £80 million release clause in his contract.

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It remains to be seen if this piece of transfer speculation does come to fruition, but would welcome a move for Ruben Dias with the international defender forming a central defensive partnership with Harry Maguire?

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64 Replies to “United Prepare To Break the World Record Transfer Fee For A Defender Again”

  • Lindelof is an average defender , too small and not quick enough for the Premier League. It beggars belief that , if true , Mourinho preferred him and Bailly to Virgil Van Dyke . I haven’t seen Dias play but have read positive reviews of his displays last season . Having said that , the league in Portugal is not the strongest and Lindelof excelled there. A personal preference would be Koulibaly but Napoli are unlikely to let him go.

    • You know nothing about football for your statement… Diaz is good and Lindelof is also good stop been sentimental up manutd

    • Man Utd is dead as long as The Glazer family and CEO Woodward is managing it These both idiots only concern on making profit from the club. I as a loyal fan does not share a single cents profit. As a fan i only wants the club to win trophy. These two bastard do not care on trophy. They should go to hell!!!! .

  • I have palpitation each time my team, Manchester United failed to successfully prosecute a match as a result of defensive errors. It has clearly shown that Maguire needs a formidable partner like Dias, the price not withstanding. Go for Dias please! Cordially

    • we have excellent players – just do not think they are being setup in the correct manner. Why is Matic not played? to sit back and distribute the ball? Rojo or Lindelof could also do this job … hell Jones as well.
      Attack is toothless as players lack clear defined roles.
      Also OGS cannot rely on 20 year old notes he made (game has moved on) it might have worked then, clearly not working now. Keeps talking of history as if he was a Liverpool player.

      • They should of bought Dias instead of Maguire . But koulibaly would of been the most suitable signing. But that’s probably gone now. So Dias and maguire would make a good solid partnership.

    • As a fan all my life and I will be 62 on Tuesday next week.
      Watching Manchester United these days is severely bad for one’s health.

    • We all know by now unite just talk but never buy the players that we really need to be on top again i will only believe it when the player put pen to paper pls dnt hve high hopes as it will probably never happen because when united come knocking the player price rock sky high the players we hve now is good enough if the put there heart in the club like pass players did play with passion not just for the money

    • uniteds defensive problems start at the front with guys like rashford and pogba losing the ball and then lying on the ground while the opposition attack us and put our defense under unnecessary pressure. get rid of these bums and let ole bring in players who want to play hes proven he has a good eye with the 3 he bought already so just give him time and money and well be back in the top 4 by next season.

    • I think Man United should go ahead and sign the defender if that will help them arrest the poor performance we are experiencing after the Chelsea game.
      All is not well with the team as we speak now.
      It is high time this is arrested going forward.

    • Man United is a disgrace to watch of late. We don’t need Ole to be our coach. Ole is a total flop. How can we spend our monies on tickets to watch this Colts team.
      Sack this Coach now

  • This would be very silly of Ole if true. We’ve got Tuanzebe for crying out loud who I believe should be paired with Maguire in the tough physical games. What happened to strengthening our midfield? We lack a. Defensive midfielder capable of shielding the defence. Mctominay is a box midfielder being played as a defensive midfielder. Lack of quality in the midfield is the reason our defense is consistently exposed.

    • Spot on. McTominay out of position and lack of quality in midfield attack wise and especially defensively causing problems for the team. I suspect Lindelof will prove not to be good enough in the long run. If going for Tuanzebe put him in and stick with him but ultimately you need the finished article players as well as youngsters of you’re going to succeed

  • We certainly need another top player up the back however games are won upfront by kicking goals.
    We need at least one top forward if not two who can kick goals. Rashford is not the answer and very overrated.
    Would also say need a good centre player.
    The club needs to be sold to someone who is willing to spend and get MU back where we belong. The top

  • why don’t united go for toby at spurs still hasn’t sighned a contract i know he is older but what i have seen of him this season for spurs he been excellent also its strikers united need under fergie at one time we had 6 strikers all excellent now we have two with one injured and are not the quality of previous united strikers we have had

  • Come the end of the season i dont see man united above 10. we are extrimly week up front. we require midfielder & striker.

  • Why sign more if you cannot use what you already have to the best you can? and not willing to try? Sort out the issue upfront as opposing teams know the team is unlikely to score. I am not saying ‘park the bus’ but what exactly is counter attack game plan? (same?)

  • Lately Ole has been complaining alot about his toothless striker n yet want to add more defender after 2 new one?. Im afraid we a going to see MU as a King Of Draw..

    • Man u problem is scoring they create chances and den spoil,we can’t depend on rashiford or martial as they could be our sub’s. Then midfield its ole failing to position the players we have well

  • We need a good striker to score goals not a defender , Rashford and others are not working well in the scoring aspect , so i suggest the manager buys a good striker that will brings goals . Up man united

  • We need defensive and offensive midfielders in and a right sized forward think that would be good for all team as more play would be going forward and could hit teams harder with more creativity further forward and team would be better balanced not more defenders need more midfielders and goal getters and create more

  • I know Ole is shying away from Ibrahimovic (Perhaps because of his age or jealousy) but he can do the job for us up front. In midfield we need 2 really good players (not Pereira, Lingard, Fred, McTominay or Matic) but really good ones. Then not to waste further money that the Glazers are unwilling to fork out, use Tuanzebe as a partner to Maguire. The latter is definitely not my choice of CB as there were better, cheaper options but having shelled out 80m we’re stuck with him. At this time however, we will be extremely fortunate to make top 6. Hopefully we will scrape into the top 10.

  • Manchester United , should also learn how to score goals, the coach should try and set up a team capable of producing more than 3 goals per game. And not just busy buying only defenders, they need a prolific goal scorers. Goal scoring is what makes the game even more exciting.

  • Try Tuanzebe with Maguire for a few games. Give Gomes, Greenwood & Chong a few starts. Not got a lot to lose and could be a lot to gain.

    • Totally agree give them all a proper go and start them, don’t just give them last few minutes. Hopefully at least one of them will show our regular strikers that banging in a couple of goals each game is what you must do when you’ve got the red devil on your shirt no mind the 100’s of 1000 pounds your being spoiled with each week. I can’t wait much longer for Man U to become real Man U again. Come on United, M.U.F.C. forever.

      • I have been watching MU for a long time. Please call a spade a spade and not a spoon. With Radford we are not doing any where, finishing between 7 & 10 will be by the Grace God. With defence just get Ake , the partnership with Marquire can be perfect

        • One Small Comment: Glazers & Manchester United Board….We Need Action & High Quality Players…..Spend in a Big Way & Support Ole. We need Results ASAP.

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