Date: 6th September 2019 at 10:28am
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Back in the days when both the domestic and European summer transfer windows were still open, I’m probably not alone in admitting that Paul Pogba’s time, at Old Trafford, was coming to an end.

That belief was driven by the incessant media article linking the Frenchman with a move to La Liga and a spell with Real Madrid.

But, as we all know, the move never happened, and the midfielder remained at Manchester United Football Club.

Today, lurking in the pages of The Daily Mail, is an insinuation that may shock you as much as me.

Our source, picking up on something in the French media, is reporting that Pogba’s career at Old Trafford could be set to continue for a lot longer than I originally anticipated.

Seemingly, the club have contacted Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola, with a view to discussing an extension to Pogba’s contract.

Now whether that comes to fruition remains to be seen, but the mere fact the scenario has swung around 180 degrees has left me a little aghast.

Did any of you see this latest possible development coming?

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14 Replies to “A Shock Development When it Comes To The Future Of The United Midfielder Paul Pogba”

  • Real united fans want Pogba to stay and lead the resurgence of the team. Only United haters want this world class player to leave. Hope he stays with us indefinitely

  • A new contract only increases his transfer valuation if Utd sell him. However if Pogba does want to leave then he will not sign a new contract. I am surprised that any Utd fan wants him to stay. Scholes had the odd bad game .Pogba has the odd good game.

  • Eric W is completely wrong. Pogba is totally inconsistent and doesn’t really want to play for United. He has made that obvious on many occasions. He should go! Steve A is correct!

  • Pogba is definitely over prize he is not near the quality of Messi and Renaldo to much attitude and doing to little start concentrating on his game and penalty shooting put him in the market and buy another midfielder,don’t extent his contract.

  • When Paul Pogba came to manchester United i was thrilled, when he arrived he found it quite difficult to settle & was quite inconsistent however now & then he would show his qualities he went through a short purple patch & showed what a class player he can be.However apart from a real boost of form when Ole Gunner Solshire arrived & he was man of of the match more often than not i think. he has has a poor run of form .I feel he slows play & loses the ball far to often I believe his head is in Madrid & his heart is not in Manchester, therefor i believe United would be better off without him.

  • Did I see United offering a new contract to Pogba, yes I did, it’s a Woodward move
    He believes money brings happiness and contentment. Will Pogba sign? Yes if he is greedy but no if he really does want a Madrid move because United will almost certainly look to insert a price for him. While I like Pogba and think he is being played too deep to be totally effective for United, I think his presence isn’t bringing the best out of the squad and I can see both him and De Gea moving to pastures new next summer. Hence why United need a director of football to bring in the required replacements as quickly and smoothly as possible.

    I don’t think there is any change in the Pogba-Man Utd situation. It suits Pogba to get more money for now as he is underpaid based on recent developments in the market. It suits Man Utd to offer him more money since he cooperated in staying. The club can then ask even more for him when he is ready to leave at the end of the year.

    With the constant criticism he is getting, I think even if he had wanted to stay out of sentiment, he and his family would want to leave for a happier life. It is utterly destructive what the ‘fans’ have put the player through. Some of the criticism has been merited but some comments sound as though he has never done anything right for the club for the right reasons. He is a superb player and simply needs GUIDANCE and LOVE. Luckily for him, he is also intelligent and has strong family support!

  • Should get rid of a bad influence in the changing room and use the money to buy players that respect the people who pay the ridiculous money footballers earn
    They should look at rugby and the way they behave

  • A new contract for pogba does not change anything about his future, you can sign a new contract and still leave a few months later, the fact that he’s a valuable asset and a revenue generating machine, of course Manchester United want to nail him to a extended contract to keep his retail value high,and that’s the bottom line.
    Unfortunately football has changed its business now which prioritizes revenue over results, the real winners are the stakeholders once the stadium if full and the jerseys and merchandise is selling there happy,
    Paul Pogba is far from a Manchester united great
    He’s no Keane Cantona Rooney giggs Scholes Schmeichel and the list goes on
    These players played for Manchester United with a real passion they were the generation of footballers who wore there heart on there sleave and put there neck on the line week in week out to win, were not distracted with social media ect, which now is one of the games greatest form of cancer
    Paul Pogba no doubt has the ability to be best in the world, but sometimes plays with his head up his arse, if he can focus on his game and his team mates and let the blood of Manchester United flow through his vains then there is a great future, his status as a world Cup winner earns the respect of the young players there now, No doubt Paul can Lead but he needs to lead with a clear mind and not a toxic one, your either on the boat or not, if your distracted looking over board them man up and jump off the boat but what ever you do don’t weight it down

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