Date: 6th December 2018 at 3:04pm
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Another Premier League fixture, this time against Arsenal, has come and gone without Manchester United getting a victory.

Remind me again just how long ago it was that Jose Mourinho led Manchester United to a Premier League win?

It seems an absolute age!

The draw, against Arsenal on Wednesday night, saw Manchester United remain in eighth place some eighteen points adrift of the Premier League leaders and we don’t need reminding who they are.

With December upon us, any chance of a top-four spot, this season, is already being questioned.

But, following the latest game without a victory, what did Jose Mourinho make of it all?

The boss, as quoted by the BBC, remarked:

“We scored four goals and drew 2-2! As always we made mistakes and we paid for the mistakes.”

Mistakes are, I’m afraid, blighting our game at the moment.

“Today was more the same, but with great spirit and people ready to have a go and fight hard, it was a credit to the team.”

Fighting hard! We seem to be reliant on comebacks these days to get a point.

“They went to the limit and were really tired. Some of them had not played all season, Chris Smalling playing in very difficult condition, but Arsenal were only dangerous when we lost the ball in bad areas.

“Even from our bench you could feel the little panic when the ball comes to our defensive third.

“The spirit was Manchester United level but we miss certain qualities.”

Remind me again how much you’ve spent on this squad Jose?

The poor start to the season is starting to cause me concern, is it time to ditch Mourinho and look elsewhere?

Your views on that question would be most welcome in our comment facility.

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