Date: 19th September 2020 at 10:41am
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If one news source has its facts correct.

According to The Mirror, the Old Trafford hierarchy has agreed on terms with the Porto full-back, Alex Telles.

Telles, a 27-year-old international defender, has, as our referenced source is championing, agreed to terms for a five-year deal and his arrival could be imminent.

However, before we all do a mini jig of delight, I feel obliged to also announce that another source, this time from Portugal,, implies that Manchester United have serious competition for the player with Paris Saint-Germain having stepped up their interest to sign the defender.

I have my fingers crossed in the hope that Manchester United can get this deal across the line as Telles would bring that little something extra to our starting eleven.

But that is only my opinion, please feel free to share yours in the comment facility beneath this article.

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91 Replies to “Manchester United Set For Another Summer Signing Announcement”

  • i think what man utd are doing right now is panic buying, they are in a quick to sign players who were not in their plan .
    Getting pressure from other top 4 epl contenders

    • Utd have to buy 4 0r 5 players because the players available to OGS are rubbish. We have to many prima donas and i include marcus rashford in that group… do footballersnot know how to take a defender on the outside.. basic skill…

  • It’s high time Woodward should bring in more signings after landing in Dony Van De Beek, he should also bring in Alex Telles to strengthen fullback together with winger amid interested in Sancho or any other valuable alternative. Coz as a fan am not happy to see big teams like Liverpool, Chelsea , Tottenham bringing in players and yet Woodward is quite . I think Manchester United is the big club in England so signing should not be aproblem

  • Of late, Man Utd, will try for a player: but did not take steps to sign which will enable other teams to sign that player. I think that the same will happen like that of Bale, Rugellion and Thiago

    • Am not happy with transfer of Manchester united at all other teams they bought quality players but caming to Manchester united they only sign one they must change the board every season the coacher always they use to bagge its when they will sign a player.

    • I can only say that Man Utd need like five summer signing because there are in different competition including champion s league

  • I am disappointed when i saw thiago joining Liverpool and bale rejoining spurs due to poor negotiation having only donny van de beek to sign but adding Alex telles is also addition.

  • Am really tired of this Woodward why can’t that man be sucked please he is wasting our team for no reason ,if he can’t sign for us players let him go we have nothing to do with him ,teams are signings players but he is quite ,that guy is so mean he thought that if he players his salary will be reduced I realy hate him at all I only regret for those appoint him for that post if we don’t care our team will be relegated because of that useless man woodwarf

  • WOODWARD OUT. GLAZERS OUT. Get these useless sh t out of our club. Woodward probably has trouble signing his own name let alone getting a signed deal over the line.

  • It’s so unfortunate, that we are still in this mess. Am highly disappointed with this club. They couldn’t free up player for sale and the same time they continue to make full of the media with us. If they like, they should not sign. It’s there business anyway. Am just a fan in the equations. My oppinions.

  • Edwoodward has not done enough for man , and Alex telles a good signing but aminor playersigning to requirements of the team , therefore i propose that we should sign thiago almanda or david nerez plus cavani or suarez before being unvailed by juve

  • Edwood ,need to b replace ,am not happy with his attitude towards signing, especially, missing on thiago alcantra,plausibly Sancho.and central defensce

  • Actually we have to sign telles from fc porto so that he can be helper to our captien harry so that our difence will be stronger than befor.

  • I expected Utd to sign at least four quality players to match Liverpool and City. Instead its Chelsea that has done that. Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs and City have all signed more players than Utd. I don’t understand this!!

  • Edwoodward he must leave our team because he does not have a team in his Heart, park his bags and go we sick tired his attitud miners please. The good players has signed by other clubs.

  • What’s wrong with board management
    What about jadon sancho
    Yess telles is good addition
    Is it that there no money anymore
    We need jadon pls we need him for the title
    Instead let thier be change in our board
    Let’s get back this glory is our happiness
    More of Africa Nigeria here
    We have players that can do this here but we don’t have
    This opportunity please sss🙏

  • It's really disappointing for United not to be on the front to sign quality players... If Man United management fail to sign a high quality player like Alex Telles I would be ending my United support for good... says:

    It’s really disappointing for United not to be on the front to sign quality players… If Man United management fail to sign a high quality player like Alex Telles I would be ending my United support for good…

    • I t is true we need these signings but do you honestly think this useless Woodward and the money hungry Glazers family will bring out money? I just they don’t relegate this team because I have lost confidence in them

      • I don’t really wanna be seing person like woodward at man u because is like he shoping bribe on them for that he need to be sack from there, because of his unlike transfer

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