Date: 17th May 2019 at 8:15am
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It’s been a poor season for Manchester United, despite some brief respite when Ole Gunnar Solksjaer breezed into the club.

Not claiming a top-four spot and a subsequent place in the Champions League next season, has proved to be indicative of just how far we’ve slipped down the football ladder.

Climbing back into the elite of English football is a path that needs to be done in stages, hoping to bring in a plethora of players, this summer that might gel instantly will be half the battle.

Thankfully, the club appears to be committed to returning to its previous glory.

After the release of the financial results for the third quarter, our executive vice-chairman, Ed Woodward, as reported by Sky Sports, has remarked about the path forward:

“After a turbulent season, everyone at Manchester United is focused on building towards the success that this great club expects and our fans deserve. Preparations for the new season are underway and the underlying strength of our business will allow us to support the manager and his team as we look to the future.”

The aforementioned accounts show that, for the third quarter, United made n operating profit of £14.2 million and saw their turnover increase by 3.4% to £152.1 million, a fine set of figures.

However, we shouldn’t forget that lurking in the background is that debt of £301.7 million, a debt that has remained static in recent times.

Quite how much of a transfer budget Solksjaer will be granted remains to be seen, but sat in the editorial chair I’m optimistic for next season, how about you?

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24 Replies to “Good News For All Manchester United Supporters”

  • It has not been a good season for this great club, finishing sixth is not a good one at all so there must be strengthening in the area of Attacks, Midfield and Defence because they need speed power and efficiency in scoring goals and if this things are done then MUFC and OLD TRAFFORD would be a fearful place.

  • It’s all very well having money to spend but how many players bought in the post Fergie era have consistently justified their wages, transfer fees and starting places? I’d say only Ibrahimovitch

  • It is now a right time for a club to start rebuild and strength the defensive` midfield `and even forwards . As we speak the season was so worse in the club struggling was not good to a club like Manchestar united we know the club by its victories in early 19 century but we have lost now. I wish the club board to see on types of players we are going to buy on coming season`let makes our club to retain their value

  • This season was very bad for Man Utd , the whole team need to be rebranded with talented and skilful players
    De Gea should be given a chance for him to adjust and dance to the tunes of the club.

  • Poor ole,Jones,rojo,smalling,young,darmian,Shaw Rasphord,Matic,and Sanchez ligt,Maguire,koulibaly,cancelo,Sancho,dybala,tellimans,donnaroma in.we need this at united in other to bring back the glorious days at Old Trafford but our team with ole was horrible this season….

  • Whatever aspirations United’s board have is irrelevant considering the executive board’s delusional business model ( the ludicrous and demeaning so called ‘Sevilla’ or should that be the ‘Lerner Villa’ model) and their incompetence in delivering it. United are in the mess they are primarily for one reason. Bad decisions at board level and in particular by Ed Woodward.

    The thing United should do first is sack Woodward. Otherwise he and the Glazers will do exactly what they have done for the last 15 years which is treat United as a cash cow for the shareholders and sponsors . That that requires United to be somewhere in the vicinity of the top of the football tree is coincidental. However they will not invest adequately in the squad or the back room staff to return them to the pinnacle of football and instead will invest only sufficiently to continue to milk the club.

    Ironically people criticise Mourinho’s man management but what about Woodward. 6 managers in 6 years culminating in the least experienced in 50 years with a largely inexperienced backroom team, senior vacancies (e.g DoF) remaining unfilled for far too long and so forth. Recruitment at Old Trafford is a mess.

    Perversely the only light at the end of the tunnel is that the board are that incompetent that they will drive United into the lower half of the table toward relegation (we’ve already seen relegation form in recent weeks). The fallout from such failure may in turn ‘encourage’ the Glazers to sell up and take their worthless bunch of bean counter directors with them but such circumstances would leave United in a dire position just as in the early 1970’s with a very long road back to the top to tread.

    • i agree its woodward and the board just look at the length of time it takes united to sign a player and by then another club has already signed him also one of the glaziers refusing ole of selling martial because of his bad attitude regarding him as our pele what games has he been watching this season we need players with the right attitude and not lazy and play for the shirt

    • Nar nar nar wake up brother red u want to cut all money out glaziers are true reds martial need step up this year sancho on right maybe Saha he wasn’t given enough time at a bad time when sir Alex left and defo one centre back and right back

    • It is a season to forget as everything went wrong in contrary to the club’s plan. Manchester United as a club I supported since my childhood need a lot of changes in bringing in new players to ensure we are back to where we belong this upcoming season without any worries going. From the retirement of the legendry Scots sir Alex Ferguson 2013, I have suffered a lot like many united supporters across the world given a poor play by our team at time. I don’t remember how many time I have not kicked someone who sat infront of me while watching our match with the opponent on the TV screen since the retirement of Ferguson. It is my wish that this season should help from doing this exercise as we long for an attractive attacking football going forward.

  • the greedy of money in the hands of glaza and Woodward let united for that,the special one identified errors and was let go, now in experience ole will not and never bring anything good ,may be prepare for relegation or finish above 16 next season unless the brake the bank and buy the request of Jose.
    but let the give pogba the captaincy and ed gea assist and see the best of the young boys.
    apart from Luke saw let them remove all the other English defenders who are messing up the club and should
    man u must stop favoring English players if they are to get better

  • We are united forever .all we hope and pray that God will direct the board to make the right choice . I love united

  • I am pleased that the season came to an end and since management is in support of the rebuilding my prayer is we need younger energetic players with good pace and skill to breakdown premier league defenses. the club needs good defenders that can also launch an attack, midfield right winger and a good clinical striker that can take on defenders. I dont support depending on Rashford coz he’s been tasted and wastes lots of chances and is never blamed and will always be on the first eleven whether he scores or fails to perform, it’s the foreign players that are blamed and talked about leaving yet the likes of Man city and liverpool are doing so well with foreign players. At United british players are untouchable even when they aren’t at all that good that’s why i here of the rebuilding around the so called players.

    How i wish Martial is also protected, every time he fails to score means he isn’t good but he can’t carry the team alone, you shine as a team in-fact that boy if he was in a team of good players in another club would do so well and ManU would be vying for his signature at over 100m pounds. Messi failing to beat liverpool does’t mean he isn’t good but he plays well when others support him.

  • the club board is wat bringing united to this mess,gleza and edwood should leave the club to bribg new ideas at united,to me i think united should go fo the coach like pochetino not ole although he has shown something but he is not ready for this club especialy at difficult time we are now,the team should recruit right coaches who fit our club futbol tradition and a right coach is the one who will bring us back to our victory days.the board is after money not development of the team

  • The players aren’t bad,but they lack discipline .their attitude is uncalled for.when you play well you deserve good money .LVG sent di maria out and it shows that club will not take nonsense .sir Alex decide how the players live and it shows the club has standard .
    Ole isn’t small and can do it as long as he doesn’t joke with the players and he keep learn and changing every day.
    Remember its all about the club and no one else .
    We are all the club .

  • my own opinion is that manchester united should use player according to their wings and let dem play as a team cos when u look at united team agains opponent dey dont play as team look at ajax liverpool mancity they have team work any body can score there passes are acurrate so i think united shouid opted to sign young player from each continent not only england player let look at eden hazard he florish at chealse so united must wise up in the summer and do whatever transfer do want rather than latter u look at the like of wolve competite with united it better gear up united i love u

  • Lets do an recruitment but my fear is that am not sure which style of football we are going to play under solskjaer.God bless man united.

  • Attacking football wen we get a defence that can hold its own we’ve got enough attacking players who can wipe teams out as long as they can play there game without aving to worry as defence is none exciting opportunity is there once you plug the leak at the back reds will shine trust just going through the cycle

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