Date: 29th October 2019 at 8:06am
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It is a rumour that refuses to be quashed and appears to be gathering momentum.

Recently, here at Vital Manchester United, we reported on how the club were possibly-set-for-a-change-in-ownership with the Saudi Arabia Royal Family, seemingly, interested in buying the club off the Glazer family.

With the club valued at £2 billion, the cost of purchasing Manchester United is very much within their financial scope.

However, in the last twenty-four hours, the momentum suggesting a deal could be in the offering has been fueled by
The Daily Mail, which is championing the inference that Manchester United officials are set to visit Saudi Arabia, quite possibly to discuss a takeover.

However, here at Vital Manchester United, whilst we’d welcome a change in ownership, we’re not counting our chickens before they’ve hatched but we’ll endeavour to keep a close eye out for any further developments on what is an intriguing scenario.

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6 Replies to “Are Manchester United Moving Closer To A Change In Ownership?”

  • The glazers are pretty ruthless in the business world, but the Saudi royal family are the heads of the most evil ideology in the history of mankind. Executing people for not believing in this evil and barbaric so called religion of peace! I’ll have the glazers please all day. The extreme far left of the world have jumped in bed with this evil ideology, nationalism will eventually succeed and then the truths about Islam, Muslims and the mentally deranged paedophile warlord Muhammad will be told and reverse the islamification of the West.

    • How soon can they get here – they more than Welcome – stick the Glazers football not connected with politics
      nice essay that by a jealous scouser or sad bitter realising the oil money drying up along with their hopes for world dominance – sorry that was my humour – Saudi here we come

    • Ok kid, no go to sleep. I guess only the anglo-saxonians were so polite, and so kind, when it comes in terms of their relationship with the ppl od Scotland, India, South Africa, Australia and so on. Pls go to sleep. GGMU !!! I pray to GOD everyday to insert more money in our loved club , than to watch these PARASITES who took about 1.3 bilions from our club !!!

  • I hope the club is taken over ASAP. This club needs to be up where they belong, and someone who appreciates the football and what the fans want, would be welcome.

  • The glazers are a disgrace but i prefer them more than the saudi royal family because of their plan in islamization

  • Kid and Islaël

    it seems like you are the one with that ideology because when we are in football we can’t allow our emotion politics to leads us; let’s Glazers takeover the club and we return where we belong.

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