Date: 21st October 2019 at 1:40pm
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The Glazer family, it’s fair to say, have never been the most popular owners of Manchester United Football Club.

Although it has to be said, the protests against their ownership are not as vociferous now as they previously have been.

But, according to The Daily Star, the Saudi royals, headed by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, are more than keen to take ownership of the club.

Our source infers that two previous bids, the second being a huge £ billion, have been refused.

But with money, seemingly, being no object, our quoted source is implying that a third bid, of an even higher magnitude, could be forthcoming.

But would a change in ownership prove to be the catalyst that would see Manchester United return to their former status or could a step into the unknown come with its own set of inherent problems?

I guess nobody could say for sure but, in my opinion, something drastic has to be done to stop the downward slide the club appears to be currently experiencing and to which an end doesn’t appear to be in sight.

Is a change in ownership a solution?

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26 Replies to “Manchester United Possibly Set For A Change In Ownership”

  • Ideally the Saudis will buy the club, kick out Woodhead, Solskjaer and about 10 salary thieves. Then with their unlimited funds purchase top-drawer players (not British just for the sake of being British), appoint a CEO who understands football, and a proper manager. Solskjaer can slink back to Molde and be a big fish in a small pond instead of vice-versa. Glory days will come back with the right management and right calibre of players. At the moment both sides of the coin are garbage.

    • It’s not the owners or manager who are on the field for the games it’s the useless players! I do think a change in owners is a good idea and not sure about Ole, as we have had high profile managers with José and Louis Van Gaal and the players wouldn’t play for them either. There’s some who aren’t good enough and some who think they are bigger than the club. Get Fergie back for a year to chop out the dead wood and dead legs and we will be on our way again.

  • I wd like to see a change in ownership of manutd bse those guys totally don’t know how to manage a football club utd has lost its glory it’s going backwards those so called Glazers HV eyes dat look but can’t see im so miserable here in Uganda , im in pain I can’t take it any longer. They can’t sign players , PliZ Glazers wakeup one morning en say yo done .

    • Absolute rubbish! How can it be the Glazers fault? They’ve backed every manager and stayed out of football operations. Getting someone in that supposedly understands football and the club will run better is an uneducated response.

  • Im tired of seeing pool sitting en wakening our history PliZ sell da club to those who have da love en passion for da game not just forking money out of it en spend it selfishly in da us en living da club in debts

  • Absolutely change of ownership could change things drastically.
    Newcomers could explode their input in financial strength to make sure Manchester united achieve it’s dignity as soon as possible.
    Manchester united is a big club in the world and doesn’t deserve this pathetic situation.
    From Africa, Kenya.
    United fun.

    • comment As manchester united supporter I feel quite disappointed due to poor management and bad arrangement of picking the manager so the best way which can eradicate the club falling down to either to sell it or accept any urgency might be out to run this club effectively

    • How is the change of ownership going to change the club?Man United is in the top 3 richest football clubs in the world. Why is it that there are better players at other clubs that have much less money than Man Utd.The answer,they buy rubbish,get a manager with no or little experience an then blame the owners.

  • It’s best news I have heard please buy utd out its glazers we’re thrown the buy out could change utds course we don’t belong where we are now come on to new utd please

  • We are all tired, every time the so called Woodward is talking stupidity things that masai we will rebuild the future of man United which is very impossible to do it, a person who didn’t even perform at Norwich city how do you expect him to perform at united the club ever in football history

  • Change is always acceptable but are the owners or money going to play? You need change mind setup of players to get the glory back. These players are really not eligible to wear Manchester United’s jersey. Ashley Young is a captain of Manchester United, Rashford wearing no. 10, what is going on??? Are they really worthed??? When Sir Alex Ferguson won the title in the year 2012-13, that time there was no big player. Sir makes the whole team into a single big player. Their attitude was different, their creativity was different, their confidence level was different and most of the above they, each and every players were believed that they can win the trophy. I personally don’t think that OGS is good mentor for the team who can change their mind. Couple of years back Manchester United was fought against Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and nowadays we are fighting against the Wolves, Brighton Southampton etc. So being a fan of Red Devils, requesting you to change the mind of players before you change anything.

  • S definitely I would suggest to pls sell to the saudi king because they know what is football def they bring changes in the club more importantly they r not money oriented ppl where as glazers are s and what is Ed he is not from football field he knows how to make money even if football /club is dying no problem for him .pls bring the change for the betterment of the club

  • Most certainly, a change in the ownership of the ManU club is very, very, very necessary. Where the so-called vice chairman Ed woodwood who, I believe should go, doesn’t want to spend to bring up those measured-to-ManU players and does not want the coaches to have a say in the discipline of the heady, so called “bigger, bigger players” (pogba, Marshall, etc) in the team will surely not bring back the glory days. And! MOST ANNOYING is the fact that the crowned prince Salman is being refused the purchase of ManU? Heck!
    Seriously, I’m hating this ManU setup and it’s giving me pains.

  • The owners dont play the game, sort out tactics or buy the players they only supply the money. So how a change in ownership will change things i’ll never know. People are just jealous of the owners and hate the fact they own the biggest club in the world. I can bet if the Saudis do buy Utd and things go wrong the same people will be running their mouths on her wanting them out!!

  • To help save man utd we need rid of ed Woodward and all of the I’m bigger than this club players of which there are a few I’ve been a man utd fan all my life and I’m 56 never remember a squad of players with such bad attitudes yes the glazers have to go as they are sucking our riches out of the club for their own gain so new owners would be fantastic but they are way to greedy to sell the only way to get them out is to stop putting our hard earned money into the club we love as we are getting no returns on the pitch this would help I think to get the blazers out I believe that the Saudis made an offer of 3 billion pounds for us I mean come on how much do you want coz if it carries on like this we will be worth nothing and no one will want us

    • Money must be no object for the biggest club. It’s not a business for fans- who make the club a business. Stop the flow if money- boycott games; stop buying the united shirts. Let then Glazers feel the pinch. New owners will sack Woodword and every ex footballer there trying to coach. We need the best. With unlimited resources and the best management team will re inspire the club. Let’s look to British players who are good enough and sack the rest. Use the fans to scout talent and sack the current useless scouts. Only heaven knows what they see in players. We will rise again

  • The Change of ownership could be a solution the current problem of my club because the current owners seem not to be interested in the glory rather they are more interested in revenue, and we the fans are being heartbroken.

  • I have been a United supporter all my life had season tickets for years, the problem started when sir Alex left and all the back room staff left too that was the biggest mistake letting them go as well took the heart out of what was a magnificent team, will we get it back with a new manager new players I am not sure you can’t buy what we had for all those years

  • Soon the English Premier League Will be renamed into the Billionaire league….fought by those with foolish money looking for their next exotic toy.

  • Now I really think it’s the perfect Time for a change of ownership. The glazers put Woodward there when David Gill went. I think new owners will bring a breath of fresh air into the club. I still have faith in ole and believe that with full backing from the new owners he can get rid of the deadwood and get the right players who know what it means to play for Manchester United and hopefully change the tempo in and around the club. Hopefully the Saudis can get a DOF and show the world that Manchester United is not a commercial enterprise,it’s a football club. I mean look at Man city , where would they be without their middle eastern funding, they’ve got a good manager and a great team.hopefully we will get back to winning ways

  • I want to see the old Man-U back in action and the never say die attitude all this can only happen if money buys player’s and manager

  • The club has the depth to counterattack any problem within their system, the problem lies squarely on decision making where much of traffic is evident in procurements,, buy players who can martial it out and everything will b OK

  • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the ownership and the manager, what I see is a bunch of unserious, spoilt brats that have refused to up their game amidst the big salaries they take home every weekend and shattering their fans hearts.
    The players must look at what players donning big club jerseys in England and Europe are doing and wake up.

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