Date: 18th April 2018 at 10:36am
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Famous Brazilian striker, Neymar Junior, is commonly known for his goals and assists, eagerly reported by sports journalists. For the time being, his performance on the pitch isn’t the main media focus, but that does not mean there is no interest about the player. For many different reasons, he will always be the subject of talks and rumours.

There should be very little wonder about why it is so. After the shocking 222-million-euro transfer move to Paris Saint-Germain everybody talked about how it will change the world of football. It wasn’t very long after, when even more transfer rumours began to amass. With the new club supposedly not fulfilling talented player’s ambitions, and conflict with teammate Edinson Cavani, various sources speculated about possible move to Real Madrid, as soon as the next summer transfer window, regardless of how impossible this may sound.

All that, alongside with his colourful personality, certainly proves that Neymar does not need to actually play to be a centre of attention, which is definitely true right now when the player is recovering from foot injury.

The injury certainly gives him plenty of free time to catch up on favourite activities and socializing. Few weeks ago, for example, he held friendly poker game at his house and posted some photos on Instagram. The hobby is not new to Brazilian, as he used to have a prominent marketing deal with PokerStars. Renowned PokerNews portal would often deliver some interesting information about this side of footballer’s life.

Even now, when he no longer has to fulfil any bounding advertising obligations or make mandatory appearances, industry media are still interested about his various endeavours, especially because his love for poker seem to have remained. Interestingly enough, the guest list at Neymar’s game included young Brazilian striker Vinicius, who will make a move to Real Madrid in July.

The most important question however, undoubtedly is the player’s health. More precisely, when will he be able to get back to playing. We won’t see him in any PSG matches this season, but the real race is certainly the World Cup in Russia. Brazil is, as per usual, considered to be top contender to win the whole thing, and Neymar is one of those players who are supposed to lead his team all the way to the final. Their first game is scheduled for June 17 which means the time is of utmost importance.

The latest news brings some positive information on the subject. Brazilian’s recovery from cracked fifth metatarsal bone in right foot, and the follow-up surgery in March, is going well and according to the plan. He is no longer wheelchair-bound and uses two walking sticks to move around, but still cannot put his foot down without orthopaedic shoe. It is believed to take another month or so to cure the contusion, so the striker should be fit for the upcoming championships. Then there is, of course, the issue of his form and how much he would be able to actually give his team, but that is what the future will tell.


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