Date: 21st March 2018 at 7:44am
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As we struggle to keep the journalistic momentum during yet another international break, the form of one player appears to be generating some unwanted column inches.

When Manchester United decided to bring the Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez to Old Trafford the move was one that was welcomed.

Although, in order to bring the 29-year-old Chilean to the north-west meant that his weekly wage would make him the best paid footballer in the Premier League, earning a cool, reportedly, £505,000 a week, his exquisite skills would only serve to improve our standing on the field.

Unfortunately, so far, that hasn`t proven to be the case.

Sanchez, despite his undoubted talents, hasn`t made the impact we hoped he would.

Now, hopefully, it`s all part of the settling in process and maybe, just possibly, Jose Mourinho may have to change the role the player currently has in the starting eleven.

But, the good folk of the news source, the Daily Mail, this morning, are going down a more sinister route.

In order, quite probably, to grab some readers, our referenced source is inferring that Sanchez`s tenure, at Old Trafford, could be set to mirror that of Angel Di Maria, a player who arrived with great promise but who didn`t make the desired impact and who was moved on quite quickly.

Surely Sanchez`s fate will be better than that won`t it?