Date: 17th March 2020 at 10:18am
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Yesterday, here at Vital Manchester United, I stumbled across an interesting report that valued the squads of all top European clubs.

The report was compiled by the CIES Football Observatory and was published by The BBC In valuing the squad, CIES Football Observatory took into account the following variables:

• Age of the player
• Performances of the player
• Economic value of their club
• Inflation.

Once the above was applied to each of the squad, a total was arrived at.

When all the complex mathematics was completed, the top-ten clubs were listed in a table with some interesting results.

Manchester United were only listed in 6th position with the squad valued at €1,007 million seriously adrift of those who filled the top four places, with the top six appearing in the table as below:

• Liverpool – €1,405 million
• Manchester City – €1,361 million
• Barcelona – €1,170 million
• Real Madrid – €1,100 million
• Chelsea – €1,008 million
• Manchester United – €1,007 million

It’s certainly interesting that it is English and Spanish clubs that dominate the listing with the first Italian club, Juventus, only occupying 10th position.

As for the Bundesliga, they’re not represented at all in the top ten placings, beaten down the listings by the wealthy French club, Paris Saint-Germain.

The figures arrived at could be debated, but, to me, it remains an indication of how far Manchester United have slipped behind those who dominate the top echelons of the listing.

Hopefully, plans are afoot to improve the squad, thereby increasing its value, in the summer transfer window.

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