Date: 12th September 2019 at 10:15am
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I’ll cut to the chase, this article will, undoubtedly, divide opinion, but I feel it is a question that has to be asked.

Now I acknowledge that in cutting to the chase and posing this question I’ll leave myself open to criticism and that is something I’m willing to take.

But it is a question that I feel many of you would like to have your say on and eve develop the responses into a debate.

Therefore, without further ado, my question is, quite simply:

After a miserable ending to the 2018 / 2019 season and a far from ideal start to the 2019 / 2020 season, do you still feel that Ole Gunnar Solksjaer is the man for the job?

There, I’ve said it and now I await your responses.

My view is that Manchester United took a risk and it is a risk that looks as if it is set to backfire.

Solksjaer may have good intentions and a desire to return Manchester United to the top of the pedestal as far as English and European football is concerned but his previous spells as a manager give no confidence that it is something he can achieve.

Now let the discussion begin!

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6 Replies to “Right, I’ll Ask The Question – Is Solksjaer Really The Man For The United Job?”

  • I would say he’s not the right person for Man U notwithstanding he was a good player in yesteryear. Look at his record at Cardiff and currently at our club; it’s poor and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. His obsession with landing Maguire at an astronomical figure is also questionable. Add the Lingard fascination for him and you get a wholesale flop at management with no sign of improvement.

  • I have stopped watching the games Manchester united play when they appointed Ole yes his a former player but his managements skill are very lacking he had his Lucky start which made him look good but just as at Cardiff he makes decisions and does not have a plan B this kick over the top counter attacking football is so bad to watch this going to end in a failure once again but I fear Ed Woodward has found his yes man so this will go on for longer than our club needs unfortunately

  • He is the right man though he needs to be confident and not fible to choose who he wants to play not looking at the faces of the big names, the younger ones should be introduced they may be better. Their performances at the pre-season were fantastic

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