Date: 17th October 2017 at 10:51am
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On Saturday, in what can best be described as a disappointing encounter with Liverpool, at Anfield, there was an incident involving Romelu Lukaku and Dejan Lovren.

With Lovren in possession of the ball, he was subjected to a challenge that saw Lukaku get in a bit of a tangle with legs and catch Lovren with his boot.

Now, it was hard to see how much contact was made between boot and head, but from the manner in which Lovren reacted, with the defender rolling over and over at least half a dozen times, it perhaps looked far worse than it was, even more so with no sign of any claret having been spilt.

However, Lovren appears to think that Lukaku acted with intent with the Liverpool centre-back being quoted in The Sun as having remarked,

“I made the tackle and I felt he was over me and he could have moved away.

“My view is he did it on purpose. Even if he didn`t, he would normally apologise. I saw he was nervous during the game so maybe that was the reason.”

Interestingly, the Football Association, upon viewing the incident, have decided that no further action should be taken.

Much ado about nothing I`d say although the incident may serve to add a little extra feistiness when it comes to the reciprocating fixture at Old Trafford later in the season.