Date: 30th March 2018 at 7:56am
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Recently, Jose Mourinho suggested that the atmosphere, at Old Trafford, wasn`t what it should be.

The Special One was, quite rightly, of the opinion that the noise generated by those inside the famous stadium wasn`t as loud as it should be.

Now, whilst we wholeheartedly agree with that comment, we also feel obliged to point out that Manchester United are not the only club to suffer from this problem.

At a recent Fans Forum meeting, the subject was discussed and one of the ideas muted was the use of song-sheets and loudhailers.

Naturally, we thought it would be an ideal topic for our front-page poll, to gauge your opinion on the suggestion made.

Our poll question simply read:

Song-sheets and Loudhailers – to improve the Old Trafford atmosphere?

We gave you three options to select from:

Yes please!

No thanks



Your response produced a unanimous verdict with 67% voting for the Yes please option, clearly indicating you think the idea is a viable option when it comes to generating more noise inside the stadium.

As for the remaining 33% of the votes cast, they went to the No thanks option, possibly fearful that the extra noise might disturb their slumber!

Surprisingly, nobody sat on the fence and went for the Undecided option.

Here at Vital Manchester United we`d like to thank you for your participation.

Our latest front-page poll simply asks you to predict the outcome of the forthcoming fixture against Swansea City, this weekend.


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