Date: 23rd March 2018 at 10:29am
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Jose Mourinho isn`t the only person who has noticed that the atmosphere at Old Trafford isn`t what it should be.

The days when, with thirty thousand fewer inside the stadium, it as a cacophony of noise have long since gone.

There`s no doubting that football these days is a far-removed commodity from that of the 1970`s through to the 1990`s.

The advent of all-seater stadia and the introduction of commercial packages whereby companies pay huge amounts of money for corporate hospitality has driven the sport away from the working man.

The expression ‘pay-on-the-door` has long been confined to the history books, much to our horror.

But can the roaring silence that we’re all too familiar with these days be changed?

Some certainly think so with it being suggested at a recent Fans Forum meeting that the atmosphere might be improved if the club introduced the following steps:

Continental style cheerleaders with megaphones and song-sheets handed out at the turnstiles.

Although the club are looking into the idea, we don`t hold out much hope of it being introduced or even of it working.

But that`s just our opinion what`s yours?

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