Date: 27th June 2019 at 10:20am
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Earlier this week, as we covered what was becoming an interesting spectacle, namely the chase to secure the services of the Leicester City centre-back Harry Maguire, our summary if you are a Maguire fan didn’t make for good reading.

Our article suggested that Maguire was going elsewhere united-set-to-lose-out-in-the-race-for-centre-back-to-you-know-who however, in a dramatic twist it would now appear that the player may be staying exactly where he is.

According to The Mirror, with Maguire still, officially a Leicester City player, Manchester United have pulled out of the race to sign the 26-year-old.

It seems if our quoted source has its facts correct, a deal to sign the defender would cost £100 million which is too steep for United, obviously.

Quite why Maguire is priced so highly is something I fail to comprehend.

If United were willing to pay such a high price for a centre-back, I’m convinced there are better than Maguire available.

It seems United, having announced that they’re after young English players, could have become the victims of their own aspirations.

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5 Replies to “Woah. United Are Right To End Interest In This Player At The Price Quoted”

  • Maguire doesn’t worth more than 40 mil. What people see in this player I’ll never understand. Hw had a one
    decent season ,now he’s a world class star. It makes me laugh and cringe, that so called experts are so naive.

  • I completely agree with Andy, above. Maguire is a very pedestrian CB but the obsession with buying British can only be the reason for clubs wanting him. I can think of at least half a dozen better, less expensive options. My personal choices would be Skriniar, Kabak, Ruben Dias, Koulibaly or Milenkovic.

  • When you have Baily in his good spirit he is better than all united defenders including maguire,we can understand it is footballing politics,

  • Man city should focus on what will happen a head
    As we see what happened to Stones, it was just the same race like this one, where is his form now?

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