Date: 7th November 2018 at 1:00pm
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Every so often those who run this fine game of ours and who make the rules, come up with a subtle change or two.

The latest I recall relates to the team taking a kick-off, either to start the first half, start the second half or to restart the game after a goal.

Previously, the ball had to be played over the half-way line before it could be played back to a tea-mate, these days that’s not the case and following a kick-off, the ball is, quite often, played back to a team-mate.

A subtle change but a change nonetheless.

And a change that I’d hazard a guess didn’t meet with any real objection.

However, according to the Dutch news source,, a change could be heading our way that could have ramifications for our game and also be a very objectionable one.

The governing body, according to our source, is considering abolishing rebounds from penalties.

The scenario being that if a player strides forward and takes a penalty and the keeper saves it there’ll be no opportunity to net the rebound.

Quite what you might make of that I’d like to know.

But, if implemented, then the agonising moment when a keeper parries a penalty away and the ensuing scramble sees a last-minute winner being scored will become a thing of the past.

Personally, it’s not a change I’d approve, but how about you?

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