Date: 21st February 2017 at 1:48pm
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Since Moses (not Remi) herded the animals into his ark, ahead of the great flood he was warned was coming, Europa League games have always taken place on a Thursday evening, apart from the final.

So why, you might be asking, are Manchester United playing Saint-Etienne, in France, on a Wednesday night, a Champions League night at that.

Well the answer is, as it turns out, quite simple.

It seems there are UEFA rules that have to be abided with, a bit like the bent banana syndrome.

Apparently the rules forbid clubs that are in close proximity from playing at the same time.

As it happens Lyon, also in a last-32 fixture, are scheduled to play at home on Thursday evening.

The last time we did the calculations, there were thirty miles between the two clubs but that is, according to UEFA`s rule makers, too close a proximity to allow both sides to play their fixtures on the same night.

Whatever next!