Date: 15th April 2009 at 1:25pm
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Sir Alex defended United’s players after Arsene Wenger had a whine about us having too many players on the PFA shortlist for the Player of the Year award. (Sidenote: the unmistakeable sign of Arsenal returning to form is that Wenger’s starting to whinge about everything).

“It is valid to have five contenders,’ Fergie said.

‘If we are talking about current form, Arsene cannot just go back two or three games.

‘The PFA awards are always done early. That has been noted in the past. Votes are collected in January or February. I actually think they should be done later.’

It’s nonsense that in the 21st century the PFA can’t arrange the voting to take place in May. I mean, what’s the internet for? Still…

‘In 1999 when we won the Treble, we never won an award. I don’t think too much emphasis should be placed on it.’

So, who cares about awards anyway?