Date: 30th November 2005 at 1:37pm
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As the January transfer window approaches, it seems that most of the footballing world has forgotten the John Obi Mikel fiasco. The latest update from Norway is not a positive one from the Manchester United point of view.

The youngster was raved as better than John Carew when speculation first began surrounding the Nigerian. Now though, Man United and Chelsea are embroiled over the signature of the Lyn Oslo clubman. Mikel has claimed he was bullied into signing the contract and says he wants to join Chelsea. The writing on the contracts and the pictures of the event suggest otherwise.

However, a lawyer for Mikel has claimed that Lyn Oslo director Morgan Andersen fabricated the contract that brought Mikel Obi to Lyn. This would effectively end the United deal in question.
‘There can’t be any doubts, based on the analysis of the documents, that the April contract has been falsified,’ said Tregear
Andersen reacted angrily ?This is an attempt to split Manchester United and us?
A Fifa investigation is oncoming.

– June 2003: Mikel and the Nigerian under-17 team are invited to Carrington by United. Mikel trains with the United first team squad.
– Spring 2004: Mikel fails to turn up to start his scholarship with United
– Autumn 2004: Mikel joins Lyn Oslo on a youth contract
– Chelsea pay £190k to TNG through Rune Hauge; Mikel and three other Nigerians join the school
– 2005: Mikel trains with Chelsea in London while ‘studying’ at TNG school in Oslo
– April 22nd 2005: Mikel turns 18 and signs a pro contract with Lyn
– April 22nd-28th 2005: Lyn cancel contracts signed by Mikel as a minor
– April 22nd-28th 2005: Chelsea enter negotiations for Mikel; the bid is turned down by Lyn amid accusations of ‘arrogance’ on Chelsea’s part
– April 22nd-28th 2005: United make bid for Mikel, which is accepted
– April 29th 2005: Mikel signs a professional contract with United; a beaming player is interviewed on TV, complete with number 21 United shirt
– April 30th-May 10th: Mikel receives ‘death threats’
– May 10th: Mikel states on Norwegian TV that he is ‘delighted with United move’
– May 10th: Mikel is taken by S**ttu to a hotel; Lyn call the police
– May 11th: Mikel states that he no longer wants to join United and that he’d been ‘forced into signing a contract’ against his will
– May 12th: Mikel flies into London
– May 13th: Mikel conducts interview with Sky Sports in which he claims to have been forced to sign a contract with United
– May 20th: Newsnight carry interview with Mikel, since proved to be a fake
– May 24th: Mikel joins up with Nigerian U-20s ahead of the World Youth Championships