Date: 16th August 2018 at 2:57pm
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US Sports Betters Win Big

The U.S. sports betting industry received a significant boost recently. Up until now, it was illegal to place bets on sports matches in most parts of the country. An infographic infographic by even states that betting was permitted in only one U.S. state. That’s not to say that no one did – of course, they did, but until very recently, they could be looking at jail time for doing so.

That’s one of the reasons that the powers that be fought so strenuously to have the matter overturned. You can see the steps they took in the infographic below.

Of course, it wasn’t until very recently that the validity of their argument was realized. Our personal opinion is that it was unfair that they were not allowed to decide whether betting was legal or not in their state.

And apparently, the justices of the Supreme Court felt the same way. Their ruling now makes it legal for a state to decide whether or not to allow sports betting to take place within their borders.

Is it a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

That depends on what your own beliefs are. Utah, for example, was against the ruling, because it does not condone that kind of “sinful” behaviour. That said, the verdict was fair for Utah as well – the existing law wasn’t entirely scrapped.

Utah is entitled to ban sports betting if it wants to – there is no law stating that it must accept it.

For most people, it is a good thing. In the past, betting was an illicit activity. So if your bookie ripped you off, what could you do about it? Not much – you couldn’t exactly call on the police for help.

Now, with the legalization of these activities, you will be able to rely on the rule of law to protect you. It should mean a safer and more fun betting experience for all participants.


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