Date: 20th March 2009 at 2:25pm
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Perhaps it would be better to simply call it European Cup. ‘Cause, as we all know, the Champions League is much more than simply a competition of champions.

In the quarter-finals, the only tie with two champions is possibly the most lopsided one: Manchester United v Porto. Each and every one of the three other ties are more balanced and unpredictable than this one where the holders are clear favourites to advance.

There is only one title holder still alive: Bayern Munich who are up against second favourites Barcelona. Odds suggest that after the elimination of the Spanish, Italian and French champions, it’s time for the fall of the Portuguese and the German holders, leaving the competition in the hands of three clubs who were also-rans in their league and of course Manchester United.

Is it a problem? Not really, for me. In the group stage we faced the Scottish and Danish champions and we defeated the Italian champions in the last 16. In the last 8 it’s another champion for United so right now it’s really a ‘Champions League’ for us. But I wouldn’t lament the fact that we’ll face either a runner-up or a third placed team in the semis if we get through.