Date: 22nd January 2007 at 5:58pm
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I wrote a long, long article but my mind was raging and I forgot to save it so inevitably, my computer broke down and I lost it.

I’m not in the mood to write the whole thing again so the most important points. I’m fed up with 4-5-1. Fergie admitted after the Benfica game it does not work but he still prefers to use it when a difficult game is coming. Long balls all over the pitch, Rooney, Giggs and Scholes all struggling to find their position in this system – awful.

Despite this, we controlled the game after taking the lead but did not press for a second goal though we should have done that. They are vulnerable to quick counter-attacks as it was proved at the goal. But we sat back and let them back into the game. Their attacking play lacked creativity and we seemed to stifle them but that’s not United’s style so it was bound to go wrong.

Eboue is just as disgusting as Lauren used to be. I always wondered how Lauren survived every United game without a red card though probably he should have been sent off in every one of them. Now Eboue was the one who seemed to escape with everything he did.

Evra and Scholes were both fouled before the equalizer. I was not surprised Steve Bennett waved play on. After all, he did not book Henry for his outrageous dive.

Henry was useless, of course, so it’s deeply sickening we allowed him to HEAD a goal in the 93rd minute. Vidic was admirable up to that point but he committed a mistake there.

It was good to see Rooney finally score with a HEADER. Michael Carrick was magnificent again, his best games were the Chelsea and Arsenal clashes and that tells everything about him. Giggs should have been subsituted, he’s useless when our main aim is to protect the lead. Had we tried to counter them he would have been useful but this way he was frustrated.

Fergie, please. Be brave and TRUST YOUR PLAYERS. This team is skilled enough not to rely on defending a one-goal lead against an inexperienced team. We must go for the opponent’s throats, play an adventurous 4-4-2 and attack! Like we did at Bolton. If we lose this way, at least we lose in style.

Fortunately (and I must admit I’m grateful to Liverpool) we are still in a comfortable position.