Date: 19th June 2010 at 11:57am
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Wayne! What have you done!

Now normally I`d defend Rooney until I`m blue in the face but last night even I think the lad lost it big time!

After witnessing the poorest performance by England (and Rooney) I can ever recall, the side were, quite rightly in my opinion, booed off the pitch!

Now whether Rooney was exasperated at his own inept performance or simply frustrated at how things had turned out for the team, he turned to a camera which quite clearly caught him remarking,

“Nice to see your home fans boo you!”

Wayne mate, you`re a performer on a stage and if those who are watching don`t like the product they see served up, they have a right to voice their opinions.

It`s not as if they never gave you, or the team a chance, they cheered themselves hoarse trying to rally this dysfunctional team but without any noticeable response.

Some, no doubt, have scraped together every last penny to follow the side to South Africa, some have probably put themselves into debt just to say that they were there, for most, come the end of our involvement, there will be no fortnight at some luxury resort, it`ll be backs to the grind, back to the drudgery of the daily work place.

Wayne, you`re my hero but last night that temperament of yours, a temperament that I`ve defended in recent weeks, just showed that you`re far from the finished article.

Get a grip lad, this was meant to be your tournament, your chance to flourish, your chance to enhance your status, not mouth off at those who put you on a pedestal you don`t, on current performances, deserve to be on.

There, I`ve had my say, you have yours!

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