Date: 9th January 2019 at 6:32pm
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It’s nine days since the transfer window opened and, according to one source, Manchester United are set to announce their first signing.

The news source, metro, has picked up on something in the Spanish press implying that United are set to sign the Roma centre-back, Kostas Manolas.

The 27-year-old Greek centre-back has, in his contract, a £30.75 million release clause.

But it is understood this clause doesn’t become active until the summer with Manchester United wary that it could trigger interest in the player from a plethora of clubs thereby putting in jeopardy United’s chances of signing the player even though a deal now could cost more.

Now whether the deal will be concluded before the game against Tottenham Hotspur this weekend or drags on until next week, remains to be seen.

But his signing will certainly add something that’s missing from the heart of the defence.

Fingers crossed our source has its facts correct.

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21 Replies to “United Set To Name First Signing Of The January Transfer Window”

  • Man Utd preferably need a new and reliable striker other than lukaku and Rashford. They are both not fit to represent striker in the club. Up Manchester United

    • Wat are even saying……we need another striker fine buh don’t say that lukaku and rashford are not fit enough…. Do u think its easy to play football…. Or do u think its the type u play around ur compound with little children…..young man if u don’t know wat to say jess keep quite and let united grow….. Jess imagine…..we are looking for fish in a pot of soup crayfish dey raise hand….u better go and sleep


  • We need a good striker and right winger…..for me lukaku should be offload while rashford should stay … we need someone like Douglas costa dmf is also needed, Matic is good but too slow and we need someone like veratti ……
    For me I think Man U should build on someone like Douglas, M.Icardi , Giovani Lo Celso (Paris Saint-Germain) or Andre-Franck Zambo (Marseille)…..

  • yes what u said is right Ashford and lukaku are great we should take our time with them because they are coming in a new system for sure we will like a new striker but right know we need a defender who will pair with V.lindelof at the back

  • Is true we need a striker but now let’s cope with lukaku and rashford lukaku was not playing well under mourinho let’s watch both of them against totheam that is when we will know whether to offload or not

  • Rashford and Lukaku are complete strikers its just matter of time and system used by manager,,,, so my friend it simz ur nt ril Man united fan

    • Rashford and lukaku are well enough but if united add aplaymaker like continho to help p pogba in assist making plus acentre back we shall be better. 0702957980

  • Rashford and lukaku are well enough but if we add another playmaker like continho to help p pogba + acentre back to help linderlof we shall be good enough. 0702957980

  • to me we doson need any striker,,, since lukaku an rashford are they,,,y are we worry of spending money to buy striker,,,we should go for winger,s not striker,,,,it was mourinoh that make those guys look as if their not good,,,,
    pls less try them an c their improvement under this man,,,,thank u

  • Reading all above commentsis a fair reflection of where United are. Front 6 is great but the back four needs to be rebuilt. Wingers are not full backs. 2 centre half who defend are a priority not forwards. I think spine. A keeper pogba rashford. Where is the centre half.

  • Lukaku should be far from manutd.A striker who can’t control the ball even when he’s alone??!! we need someone like carrasco who can dribble, run through the defence and score goals
    Rashford is really good enough but for Lukaku he should be sold to relegated team.

  • man u should go and somebody like casemiro and Erickson .and drop matic is too slow so that pogba can move comfortable to AMF

  • Can United get 4th spot with lukaku ?maybe as a sub but rashford has shown pace and energy are now part of the English way. Lukaku needs a lot of work but at 75 million he should be the finished player but far from it. I’m amazed he falls so short of the required needs of a United centre forward

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