Date: 22nd January 2020 at 8:59am
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After the failure to finish in the top-four, last season, Manchester United ended up playing in the Europa League this season.

Although European football is always most welcome, it’s fair to say the Europa League is the poor relation of the Champions League when it comes to glamour and financial reward.

Back in the summer, with a transfer window available to rebuild the side, it was hoped that this season, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer would have the team challenging for a top-four place.

Unfortunately, a mixed bag of results has left Manchester some five points adrift of the top-four, although a win, at home to Burnley tonight, could see that gap cut.

But, amazingly, lurking in the pages of The Sun is the inference that if the club doesn’t qualify for the Champions League this season and even dips out on a place in the Europa League then there are no plans in store to sack Solksjaer.

The board, according to our quoted source, have reiterated their intentions to back Solksjaer to navigate the club to a new golden era.

To me, two seasons without Champions League football, for a club of our stature, reeks of failure.

Could Manchester United be on the verge of rewarding failure in a game that is infamous for sacking those who don’t attain the achievements they were brought in to do?

If United Fail To Qualify For Europe Should Solksjaer Be Kept On?







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13 Replies to “United Prepared To Reward Solksjaer For Failure”

  • Comment the fault is not from the coach but the management. to buy player it takes month. they always buy their players at the eleventh hour .why?. the fighting spirit is not their. manu management should give the coach free hand. manu are too casual nonchalant attitude. and they are too relaxed on the field. They need to wake up if they want to go for championship.

  • ole is agood coach but not good enough for abig club like man united. championship division is where he belongs. he cant even finalise fernandez move to united. he is at the wrong club**

  • Ole the right man let give him chance he must surely rebuild man utd

    He has good signing mentality his tactics is superb he has brought man utd back to their counter attacking football he is always calm and focus on his job

    I pray Woodward and co would not sack him

  • If Ole was in charge some of the players he wants would be there now. Woodward is in charge of buying, and even then has to have the Glazers sign off approval.
    Get real Ole may not be the worlds best coach but he has started a job of getting rid and bringing in and careful use of the academy. You would all love Klopp at Old Trafford took him 4 years to win anything, Guardiola took over a huge budget and a champions team but still hasn’t won Europe and Poch got Spurs to a Champions league final after 5 years but left Spurs in a worse position than Utd having never won anything with the likes of Kane, Ali, Son, Ericson etc.
    Ole has got rid of a lot of players who either werent good enough or didnt want to be there with more to come. He has had a real hard time with injuries due to a poor squad which is down to previous managers and poor buying from those in charge but at least we like to watch the football he’s trying to promote its time to give him a chance, let him learn for another year and we will still be better off than changing a manager now, or make him DofF in full control and get Poch in. Maybe the best for Utd but would the Glazers Woodward sanction that?
    Remember be careful what you wish for you might just get it.

  • Manutd need to reinforce their squad and release money and buy players woodward is not capable enough to buy players.imagine spending over one month to buy fernandes,i think he should be replaced

  • Ole should stay.But he should buy midfielders e.G bruno first and strikers in order 2 archieve success.If not he must leave.But woodWard should be the first 2 leave.M****.

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