Date: 3rd January 2010 at 7:21pm
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Make no mistake: this is a major blow. It’s been six years since we last won the FA Cup and it represented our best chance of winning a major trophy this season (the Carling Cup is a nice little thing but it’s hardly on the same level) and we blew it, spectacularly.

What’s worse, we did it at home. We capitulated against bitter rivals – who happen to be in League One. And we started with our first choice strike partnership. Quite simply there are no positives, none at all. It is an embarassment and humiliation on the grand scale.

There can be no excuses for the performance and the lack of motivation and hunger must be addressed: it seemed that we did not really care which is totally unacceptable. There should have been a gulf in class between the two teams; in reality, we can’t even say they did not deserve to win.

Rooney played as someone desperate to win the FA Cup should but only Valencia followed his example after coming on. The rest… they did not look more bothered than by losing a Carling Cup game. I guess Fergie had some strong words with them but he’s at fault as well, after all, it’s the manager’s job to motivate the players (though there is something in the argument that Manchester United players should be motivated simply by wearing the shirt).

There’s nothing to analyse about the performance: we were crap, end of. Yes, we had chances but we were always going to have some against a League One team. But we did not create nearly enough because, let me say it again, we were crap. Everyone who played has to take a long, hard look at themselves after this embarassment because with a visit to the council house coming up, our players need to understand their responsibilities.