Date: 22nd October 2017 at 10:56am
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The injury list and the loss to Huddersfield Town yesterday, have cast doubts on whether Manchester United can win the Premier League title this season.

After nine games Manchester United have already slipped five points behind their neighbours Manchester City.

Although the season still has a long way to go, playing catch-up at this time of the season isn`t the favoured option.

Now whether the club intends to spend in the January transfer market remains to be seen.

However, this morning, flicking through the raft of newspapers available, one is suggesting that Manchester United are casting their eyes towards the Bernabeu with regards to boosting their midfield

The Express is of the opinion that United want to purchase the Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro.

At 25-years-of-age, the Brazilian has the best part of his career ahead of him and our aforementioned source is championing the suggestion that Manchester United are prepared to offer Casimero a huge salary to leave Madrid and come to Manchester.

Will it happen though?

For some reason the lyric ‘Money can`t buy me love` springs to mind, but I may be wrong!