Date: 28th March 2017 at 3:57pm
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I knew I shouldn`t have laughed when news broke that our neighbours had copped for a £35,000 fine for their on pitch protestations in a recent fixture.

According to the leading tabloid publication this country produces, The Sun, Manchester United are the subject of a Police investigation following our recent FA Cup quarter-final tie against Chelsea, at Stamford Bridge.

It would appear that a Chelsea supporter made an official complaint about a chant that filled the night-sky, a chant with homophobic connotations, or as it came across loud-and-clear on the night, rent-boys.

The complaint has forced the Police to launch an investigation which has prompted United to issue a response through a spokesperson, reading,

“The club aims to work closely with Chelsea to identify anyone believed to have engaged in discriminatory behaviour at the game and will follow the terms of our Official Sanctions Policy if necessary.

“In addition we will liaise with Chelsea to determine any activity to discourage such behaviour before the next fixture.”

As it turns out the next clash between the two sides is, at Old Trafford, on April 16th in a Premier League fixture.

We await to see what, if any, warnings are issued.