Date: 9th February 2017 at 12:49pm
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Now whether Manchester United will be signing the French striker, Antoine Griezmann; this summer is only something a select few will know for sure.

Personally, I think it will be a tough task to persuade Atletico Madrid to part with their asset whilst persuading Griezmann that Old Trafford is his next best career move could be even tougher.

As appears to be the norm, the media are offering their thoughts on a daily basis and today the good folk of Sky Sports are inferring that the Atletico Madrid president, one Enrique Cerezo, has had something to say about any possible deal.

In trying to big up his clubs chances of hanging on to their player, Cerezo is quoted as having remarked,

“Manchester United? Small team.

Before adding about Griezmann and his current contract,

“I believe in the contracts that people sign and that goes for Griezmann too.

“I don`t know what Manchester United`s interest is, but Griezmann will be at Atletico for a long time.”

Now I`m all for people standing by their clubs status and, quite often, exaggerating just how big a club they are, but honestly, Atletico Madrid bigger than Manchester United?

My view is if you asked 100 people who they thought were the bigger club the response would be Manchester United, that is unless you were to stumble across a member of the deluded Cerezo family!