Date: 27th March 2017 at 3:49pm
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Will he, won`t he?

Do I care or do I not?

Well I do actually because I believe if Manchester United can persuade Antonio Griezmann to leave Atletico Madrid and come to Old Trafford it would improve our starting eleven enormously.

But it seems that as each day passes the pendulum swings one way and then another.

One extremity of its swing suggests that the 26-year-old French international could be heading our way but then, the following day, as the pendulum moves off in the other direction his capture seems as far away as ever.

Today though that pendulum appears to as far away as possible when it comes to the probability of Griezmann signing with the popular tabloid, Mirror, running with the inference that Griezmann, as he`s suggested before, is happy at Atletico Madrid.

Indeed the four words attributed to the Frenchman, four words that read,

“No need to change,”

should, perhaps, have us scouring the football catalogues to see who might be available as the next best thing, but then again, I`m hoping the pendulum swings in the other direction tomorrow!