Date: 21st June 2009 at 12:47am
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It was an insane risk, really. In the end, Manchester United DID offer 25.5 million for Carlos Tevez and also offered a contract which his advisor Kia Joorabchian described as ‘fantastic’ – but fortunately his client rejected it.

If we had a complete, balanced squad then we could have kept Tevez, yes. In the circumstances it would have been a grave error. Yes, he’s a good player, he’s got an eye for goal and works incredibly hard.

However, for a player in this price range, there are far too many negatives. His dreadful first touch; his lack of pace; his erratic finishing and above all, his refusal to accept the fact that he’s not on the same level as the also departing Ronaldo or Rooney.

He is a grafter, a trier, as Ferguson rightly said. But at the time when United are losing their best goalscorer, their most potent attacking weapon, the club simply cannot afford to pay such an amount for a player who can’t really accept rotation and the fact that he’s not a regular starter. We need to rebuild the team’s attack and while Tevez’s hard work was valuable to Ronaldo in the past two seasons, the Portuguese is now gone. We won’t acquire an individual with the same qualities, with the same all-round excellence – therefore we have to create an attacking unit that’s good enough to replace Ronaldo’s goals.

And my firm belief is that Carlos Tevez is simply not good enough to be a main part of such an attacking unit. Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov have the necessary qualities which must be complemented, above all, with pace which our favourite Carlos doesn’t have. Keeping him as a squad player would have been unwise: 25.5 million for a bit-part man when we have Welbeck and Macheda available?

And of course Tevez could not accept being second-fiddle to Rooney and co. even though this, contrary to what many people think, did not start with the arrival of Dimitar Berbatov. Just a few games from the 2007/08 season which Tevez did not start: Lyon home and away, Roma away, Liverpool home, Arsenal home, Chelsea away… Fergie, now it’s clear, wasn’t totally satisfied with his contribution in the biggest games even though eventually he got the green light in Moscow – where he was one of our poorest performers…

So it’s not the arrival of Berbatov which marginalised Tevez: it’s the other way round, Tevez’s performances convinced Fergie to buy Berbatov to have another tactical option. This was something that Tevez did not accept and therefore a parting of the ways was inevitable: Tevez was moaning about not starting regularly enough even though he was in the first XI for some of the biggest games of the season (Liverpool, Arsenal in the league, Arsenal in the CL).

So, Carlos Tevez turned us down and even though I like the player and genuinely want him to do well next season, I’m happy he won’t spend the campaign at Old Trafford… It would have been a mistake to sign him, despite my initial optimism about him and I very much hope that we’ll spend this 25.5 million well, on players who can give more to United than Carlos Tevez.

Thanks for the two seasons, Carlos, thanks for all the memories – and if I were you, I’d accept City’s offer, you can still be the main man there. At Chelsea, you wouldn’t have a better time than at United…