Date: 13th September 2017 at 4:15pm
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Last night, the thousand or so Basel fans who had made the trip to Old Trafford, from Switzerland, gave a good account of themselves.

Taking their places in the stadium long before the Manchester United faithful arrived, the Basel fans created a unique pre-match atmosphere with the boisterous singing and other antics.

However, it would seem that UEFA were not too impressed with the flares that the Basel fans set off inside the ground.

As a consequence, it is being reported that FC Basel have been charged by UEFA and that the charge will be dealt with by UEFA`s control, ethics and disciplinary body on 19 October.

The saga present two questions in my opinion.

1 – Shouldn`t the searches the FC Basel fans were subjected to have been more stringent to uncover these flares before those carrying them got into the ground.


2 – If UEFA are so concerned about a few flares being set off, how about they show some concern to the English supporters who travel around Europe supporting their side and get subjected to all sorts of physical and verbal abuse!