Date: 25th September 2017 at 1:01pm
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The rumpus relating to the little ditty being sung about Romelu Lukaku continues to rumble on.

After being asked to stop, ahead of the trip take on Southampton, at St Marys` Stadium, the chant could clearly be heard coming from the travelling Manchester United support.

The rumpus has now escalated to a stage whereby Manchester United have asked for CCTV footage to assist in identifying those who sang the song.

We assume that by asking for the CCTV footage, Manchester United will endeavour to take further action against the individuals concerned.

Continuing on the same subject, it seems that Lukaku`s agent, Mino Raiola, has a few thoughts to air on the subject, remarking,

“We should be talking about Romelu`s performance as a player. At the moment, everyone is talking about the song.”

Yes we should, but in the politically correct world we live in today, priorities seem to be changing!