Date: 14th July 2017 at 12:54pm
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This week we`ve been following the changing tide of opinion relating to the possibility of Zlatan Ibrahimovic resuming his Manchester United career.

So far this week we`ve covered the suggestions that the 35-year-old Swede would be given a new contract, in January, if Manchester United were struggling for goals.

Twenty-four hours later the scene had turned full circle with it being stated that Ibrahimovic would not be offered a new contract.

Then, blow me, it turned full circle again, another twenty-four hours later when it was reported that Ibrahimovic`s recovery had been so good he could be available for selection as early as October, with a deal now possible again.

But, just as we`re digesting that information, we`re given the inference by the Daily Mirror that Zlatan is set to head to the US.

Our source is inferring that Zlatan is in talks to join LA Galaxy with a salary of £6 million-a-year being dangled in front of him.

I`ve no doubt that when I wake up tomorrow morning the situation will have changed again, that`s the nature of the game in this transfer window!