Date: 29th October 2012 at 4:55pm
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Following our magnificent win, down at Stamford Bridge, late yesterday afternoon, we`ve heard nothing but bleating from Chelsea.

They seem to think they were hard done by and that the two red cards they received were harsh, but were they?

Ivanovic clearly denied Ashley Young a goal-scoring opportunity whilst Torres could have gone for a very dangerous challenge on Tom Cleverley.

As you`d expect, Sir Alex didn`t mince his words when he addressed the assembled television hacks after the game, remarking,

“Torres could have gone on and he didn`t.”

“I think Jonny may have caught him just a little but you can carry on running and he chose to go down.”

“He could have carried on and scored, that`s what I don`t understand.”

“When I was a player, I would never have missed the chance to go through. I would have taken that opportunity to score every time.”

“But he`s gone down and that is the issue. And he`s already been booked, so it`s his own fault.”

I couldn`t agree more, how about you?