Date: 5th July 2009 at 12:53pm
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Carlos Tevez continued throwing mud on our beloved club for no apparent reason. His disgusting hate campaign against Manchester United made most of us lose all the respect towards him but he’s still deluded enough to believe we’ll treat him as a hero.

“If I play for Manchester City I don`t think the United fans will feel I am a traitor,” he told The People.

“They have to remember that at least as far as I know I have been thrown out of the club and I have to study the best offers available.’

Thrown out of the club??? How dare you utter such obvious lies, you filthy little traitor? As we all know, Carlos Tevez was offered a 5-year-contract on 110k-a-week which, for me, does not amount to ‘being thrown out of the club’. But the man has no shame.

‘Leaving came about because I could not stand my sporting situation at Manchester United any longer. My first year was good in all senses. I played in the games and felt respected by the coach but in my second year some strange things happened that I still do not understand.

‘After the game at Old Trafford where Liverpool beat us, Ferguson ignored me almost as if I was to blame for the defeat when really Liverpool dominated us all over the pitch. After that the fans called for me to be in the team but he never took the advice on board because he always knows best.’

‘I gave everything for Manchester United and people know that. For that reason I don`t deserve the way things have ended up.”

You spoilt little brat, you played 51 games but your goalscoring record is a lot worse than Wayne Rooney’s, Dimitar Berbatov’s or indeed, Michael Owen’s!! After the game against Liverpool United played 16 games, Tevez featured in 13, starting 6 of them. He started against Arsenal in the Champions League, he started the title decider against Arsenal, he started the crucial league fixture against City, he started and was total, absolute, utter crap against Aston Villa.

Should he have played more? No, because apart from the workrate of which he’s so proud he gave almost nothing this year, a few goals (most notably at Wigan and against Citeh) aside. His lack of pace, his dreadful first touch, his bluntness in front of goal were all distinctly annoying yet he’s still viewing himself as some world-class football god. I hope that as almost the entire Old Trafford backed him and supported him during his time at United, so will the entire stadium give him what he deserves when he returns with the bitters: a heartfelt, resounding booing and some proper chants. He’s shown his true colours now: he’s nothing more than a whining, egoist hypocrite, a spoilt brat.