Date: 5th March 2009 at 1:29pm
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Yet another mediocre nutter set about to assault Ronaldo, yet again he escaped without adequate punishment. Only God (and Steven Bennett) knows how he could stay on the pitch yesterday night after punching Ronaldo in the face then clattering into Michael Carrick. But he was only yellow-carded for it.

The papers report that afterwards there was an altercation between either Ronaldo and Taylor or Rooney and Taylor – it’s unclear exactly which of our players was involved but I’d hazard a guess at Rooney. Apparently, the United player told Taylor that ‘you’ve always been a shite footballer’ who responded that ‘at least I’m not ugly, you’ll always be ugly’. I somehow don’t think he would have answered this to Ronaldo though it’s fair to say judging the beauty of males is not an area at which I’m an expert.

But the point is that Taylor should have never reappeared for the second half. Yet he got away because he did it to Ronaldo. It was an act of obviously deliberate violence and I assume he felt it legimitate as the victim was Ronaldo, who is always criticised about diving and theatrics by such manly players as Luka Modric.

It’s in the air in England that assaulting Ronaldo is not really against the rules, it’s something to be praised. There’s little criticism of Steven Taylor in the papers and among the fans yet on Sunday everyone focused on Ronaldo for his ‘theatrics’ instead of berating a referee for getting a simple decision badly wrong. He should have had a penalty that day and Taylor should have been sent off yesterday. The referee failed to make the correct decision in either case because the victim was Cristiano Ronaldo.

Fergie often says that Ronaldo needs protection. No, only the rules should be upheld. He was dismissed by Bennett without hesitation when he apparently headbutted Muntari last season at Fratton Park and he was dismissed by the same Bennett when he mistimed a sliding tackle on Andy Cole in the Manchester derby in 2006. And Ronaldo was sent off at the Eastlands this season as well after handling the ball and he had to be sent off for violating the rules. But this should apply to those who kick and punch him, especially if they do it right in front of the linesman…