Date: 19th August 2017 at 2:53pm
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Following on from the 4-0 victory over Swansea City, Jose Mourinho had a few words for the press.

With his side sitting pretty on top of the table, having won both their opening games 4-0, things are looking good for Manchester United.

This is what Jose had to say to the media,

‘During almost 90 minutes, I don’t say 90 because there was a moment when they had a chance and we lost a little bit the confidence. They were waiting with class, calm and consistency for the moment to kill the game.

‘Swansea played with five in the back and they had a moment when they felt they had to change and when they did we had more space and killed the game.

‘I felt in control, if you had a chance to look at me and my body language I think you could see that. Football is football and when you make a mistake you can concede so I never felt totally relaxed. I had players on the bench who could help me.’

‘Happiness in our play. It happened to me so much with my teams, your winning 1-0 and you can concede. There was no need to close the door, just let the horses run freely.”

There were also some words of praise for Anthony Martial, who some suspected might he leaving the club this summer, with Jose further adding,

‘Anthony Martial is working hard. He is confident. The French language connection is there to help him a lot and get to the level we know he can be because the potential is huge.’

It is certainly a happy camp at the moment although we suspect the calibre of the opposition we`ll face will get better in the coming weeks.