Date: 5th March 2009 at 12:46pm
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Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore still insists on totally discrediting the league that is the strongest in the world right now. The dreaded 39th game is still very much in his plans.

‘It’s on the back-burner for a bit but playing games abroad will happen, it’s just a question of in which format,’ Scudamore told the Daily Mail.

‘The difference between this and the European Super League is that the European Super League isn’t inevitable – that’s the difference.’

The most obvious arguments against this lunatic proposal had been discussed at length, I’d prefer not to dwell on how it would destroy the fairness and seriousness of the competition, how it would discredit the league etc.

What is the most astonishing in this case is Scudamore’s arrogance. The press and the fans were against the idea from the very first minute; indeed, there was almost a national outcry when the proposal was first mooted. Yet despite the obvious resistance to his plans Scudamore insists it’s inevitable to happen.

This level of arrogance is surprising even from Scudamore who is getting more and more hateful with every passing day. What he prepares to do is, in my view, a crime and we – the fans and everyone who’s got an interest in the English game – have a responsibility to do all in our power to prevent him.