Date: 10th June 2015 at 12:59pm
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The cry has gone up!

In the aftermath of the collapse of the reign of Sepp Blatter, with FIFA accused of corruption and bribery, the cry has gone up for somebody to step into the breach and save our wonderful game from self-imploding.

Sir Alex Ferguson has stepped forward and suggested that the very person to get the game back on an even keel is our former chief executive – David Gill.

Talking about solving the crisis, Sir Alex has remarked about Gill possibly running for the vacant FIFA presidency,

“David is just what is needed to repair the damage done to world football with recent allegations of bribery and corruption.

“Without question he is the best football administrator in Britain.

“He is honest, straightforward and has a vast knowledge of football.

“These are qualities which are alien to FIFA now.

“He is also extremely eloquent and has a great presence.

“I certainly benefitted from his efficiency, working alongside him at Manchester United for nearly 20 years, we were a great team.”

Sir Alex may have a valid point and David Gill might very well be the ideal candidate but as for saving the game, that`s something up for discussion.

My view is that football moved away from being a game and more towards being a business, once vast amounts of money became the norm.

We live in a society whereby people are surviving courtesy of food banks, government cut-backs are eating into society but football sees fit to hand players contracts whereby they bank £300,000 a week, save the game is the cry, it`s a bit late if you ask me, it`s gone money mad and money brings corruption and bribery!