Date: 13th March 2009 at 2:03pm
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Wayne Rooney hates Liverpool. That’s the news of the day. Am I the only one to find it strange that United felt compelled to remove his comments from the website?

Rooney said: ‘I`m very excited about the game because I grew up as an Everton fan hating Liverpool ? and that hasn`t changed.”

This has been removed from the official website and replaced with a watered down version but I can’t see why. These days every Everton fan grows up hating Liverpool, long gone are the days of friendly rivalry between the sides.

And if the person in question is an Everton fan playing for Manchester United – well, it’s no surprise he’s claiming to hate Liverpool. Yeah, I know, professional footballers have a responsibility and all that, but ask any Liverpool fan on the street how they feel towards Rooney and you can bet they’ll say nothing remotely flattering.

And don’t tell me he does not respect Liverpool – that is simply not true. He did not bring out the ‘just another game’ rubbish, he admitted that this game is special for him and he’s very excited. Hopefully he’ll perform as he did a year ago when, to quote Steven Gerrard, he destroyed Liverpool with his direct running.