Date: 26th February 2009 at 10:55am
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Yes, we all know that one day Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Manchester United even though recently he’s been singing all the right songs in public. But his desire to play for Real Madrid looks increasingly like folly.

Madrid were simply abysmal last night against Liverpool. Even Scolari’s Chelsea fared better against Benitez and co. at Stamford Bridge – they almost scored on one occasion. The Spanish team did not even get close to Reina’s goal, they were devoid of organisation, pace, imagination…

I’d understand Ronaldo’s desire to play for Barcelona. I would accept if he said he had to try Italy, to challenge himself in Serie A. We need not look far, after all: he would immeasurably improve this quite formidable Inter team. But even this Inter team were comprehensively outplayed at their own ground by Ronaldo’s current team.

He should definitely think twice about leaving us because for once Mourinho was right: Old Trafford is the perfect place for him. But even if he won’t heed that advice he should avoid Real Madrid like plague because the club, as the team, is an absolute shambles.