Date: 15th September 2008 at 5:55pm
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Ronaldo almost made the clash at Anfield on Saturday and is almost certain to feature against Villarreal on Wednesday as United begin their Champions League title defense.

The Portuguese has been out injured since July when he had an ankle operation. He is unlikely to start against the Spanish side but our bench would feature a potent attacking option as well….

Now, Ronaldo has never been known about his modesty and once again he claims United fans will easily forgive his summer shenanigans and love him again.

‘When put on the shirt, I give it my all,’ he said.

‘I’m already in the history of the club. When I play the fans will love me again.’

His first sentence is definitely true. He might not always play well but always give all – his attitude, in this sense, improved tremendously along the years.

However, as for loving him… I’m not certain. I feel distinctly cool towards him at the moment and though I recognise that his return is a major boost for our chances in every competition this is far from ‘love’.

I don’t think he’ll be booed: that’s not commonplace at Old Trafford and Ronaldo would certainly not deserve that as the disgrace he was during the summer did not destroy the achievements of the past two seasons.

But if he expects the Viva Ronaldo chants to be reverberated around the stadium again… well, he will be bitterly disappointed then I’m afraid.