Date: 28th March 2009 at 1:07pm
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Henrik Larsson declared that Ronaldo was a diver. Wow. Big revelation if you ask me but it made the news, along with his warning to his Sweden team-mates to watch the Portuguese boy of ours.

Well, the boy in question does not agree with his former colleague who spent two and a half memorable months at Old Trafford in a memorable season.

‘It doesn’t bother me what Larsson says, because I know I don’t dive, and that is all that matters,’ Ronaldo said.

‘I may get kicked, but I don’t dive. It seems everyone wants to have a go at me over that, but I don’t care. I know I always do things fairly.’

While the world is doubling up with hysterical laughter I’d like to note that Ronaldo’s got one hell of a straight face which he manages to keep even when saying things like the above quote. You’ve got a nerve boy – even though I don’t buy into the hype that he dives all the time when anyone gets close to him: that’s Steven Gerrard’s privilege especially as he, unlike Ronaldo, usually gets away with it. Still, Ronaldo saying he doesn’t dive is like Cantona saying he never allows red mist to fill his brain…