Date: 15th August 2014 at 10:10am
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Sometimes you just get the feeling that some things are just not meant to be!

I`m beginning to get that feeling when it comes to the rumoured transfer of Marcos Rojo to Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon.

The fact that the asking price seems to be increasing by the day, starting off at £16 million, jumping to £30 million and then to a whopping £30 million, indicates that somebody could be extracting the urine.

Also add to the equation that Rojo, supposedly, went on strike to force a move to Old Trafford, a move that saw Sporting Lisbon tell the player he could rot in the reserves, also makes the water a little murkier.

Today, there`s another apparent obstacle thrown into the works with it being implied that there is now a legal dispute surfacing in relation to Rojo not being wholly owned by Sporting Lisbon but also by a third-party owner going under the name of Doyen Sports.

Now I know such complications are rife in modern day football but something just doesn`t sit comfortably with regards to this one.

Doe anyone else have the same feeling?