Date: 23rd October 2012 at 4:47pm
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Has common sense prevailed with regards to all the noise relating to Rio and that t-shirt?

Was it all, as they say; much ado about nothing?

Well I`m not really sure but at least we`re now in a situation where all the parties concerned can move forward.

Rio may well be absent from the starting eleven that takes on Braga tonight, in the Champions League, but the waters seem a lot calmer than they did on Saturday evening, hell, there`s even mention of a new contract for Rio, something that looked very debatable after Rio had incurred the wrath of Sir Alex.

Speaking about what the tabloid press are calling a U-turn, Sir Alex is quoted as having remarked about the situation,

“As the manager, when you lay down policy you don`t want to see it being ignored and that`s where my anger come from on Saturday.”

“We have resolved the problem – there`s no ongoing problems and we move on, that is the end of the mater.”

“We will carryon with the football side of it.”

And as for a new contract for the defender who is now 34, Sir Alex added,

“He is not as quick as he was but that is not a big issue for me.”

“His experience is important and there is no reason he can`t stay on.”

“I didn`t even realize his contract was up. You are making me panic! We have always adopted the policy of offering one-year contracts, and also at 34, I think Rio can play for two or three years.”

It appears that it is a case of alls well that ends well!