Date: 31st January 2010 at 11:24am
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If reports that are out on Sky Sports are to be believed – then the road we have travelled down with our financial woe may well be turning a corner. Renowned footie finance expert, Keith Harris has confirmed that he is in fact trying to broker a deal that would oust those muppets the Glazers, in a takeover of our beloved club. He was influential in bringing Chelski their current owner Roman The Ruskie Abramovich, and also West Ham and Eggert Magnusson together – though the latter is not exactly a good omen.

Known as ‘Mr Fixit’ he has been approached by members of the Manchester United Supporters Trust, as a glimmer of hope in these cloudy dark financial days, to try turning around our current £700 Million debt those Yank idiots the Glazers have caused. Quote taken from Sky Sports

‘Yes, we have been approached,’ Harris said.

‘We can lend our weight to doing something for the good of United and for the good of football – none of the takeovers that I have been involved in have involved any debt. They’ve been takeovers by people who’ve wanted to be involved for reasons other than money.’

He declined to mention any of those involved in this possible takeover deal – but referred to them as ‘The Red Knights’. He states that he possibly has the backing of several influential money men who have the capital to turn this glimmer into something more substantial, should the Glazers be convinced to sell up – the fact that the Glazers said they would take their debts with them is somehitng I for one are dubious about.

He also stated the the Glazers are ‘playing with an icon of football, one of the most respected brands in the world, and its in danger’, but as we all know, 75 pence of every pound is going to pay towards our mounting debt, or lining some idiotic Yank back pocket. We as the fans of United need to make a stand, and vociforously convince the Glazers to sell up and let us be run by people who want us as a club to prosper, and not have someone run us into the ground.

Seeing what is going on with Portsmouth and their transferring of players behind Avram Grant’s back, and also of the statement that Hull City have put up their ENTIRE squad for sale has me worried for the future of English football… LET US STAND UNITED!!!