Date: 30th June 2019 at 11:08am
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Is it me or am I just strange?

Let me explain!

Following the completion of the signing of Aaron Wan-Bissaka, the second signing of what we’re hoping will be a hectic summer when it comes to conducting transfers, The Telegraph reports that an internal e-mail was sent, by Ed Woodward, that stated that the club had plans to add more “exciting” players to the squad this summer.

You little tease Ed!

That statement certainly brought a smile to my face, not because the obvious was being stated but because I couldn’t help likening it to other situations.

It reminded me of times gone by when, as a child, I used to be told by my parents:

“You can have some sweets when we get to the sweet-shop.”

But never how many!


“Christmas is just under the corner, you know you’ll be getting some presents from Father Christmas.”

But never what they would be!


“Dinner will be ready in an hour or so.”

But never what it comprised of until you sat down at the table!


“It’s going to snow tonight.”

But never how much!

Perhaps you’re getting the drift; I’m an impatient person and like my answers NOW!

Don’t leave me on tenterhooks Ed, spill the beans now, who, where and when, please.

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