Date: 7th May 2008 at 6:49pm
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Chelsea need a favour from Wigan to claim the league title and they become obsessed with their conspiracy theories.

Avram Grant, Michael Ballack and John Terry all appealed to Wigan, give us a game etc. Their supporters (and the ABUs) blast Curbishley and West Ham, conveniently forgetting that the Hammers gave their most spirited display of their campaign against United while they collapsed disgracefully against Chelsea.

Never mind that, it’s time for Wigan to deliver. But putting pressure on them isn’t the best idea dear old Chelsea guys. A side with nothing to play for can lack commitment but they could also be liberated. If they are weighed down by conspiracy theories they might be stifled by it.

The ideal scenario is of course that Wigan ignore these talks, turn up 100% committed and fight to the death. It could happen – but it should be irrelevant.

It might sound arrogant but it really only depends on United. The gulf in class is obvious between the teams so a fully committed United should always beat a fully committed Wigan especially that we have a fantastic record against the Latics. Bad refereeing decisions and sheer bad luck notwithstanding, if United turn up they should have no problems with securing back-to-back titles.

But if Wigan roll over – well, I for one will appreciate the irony: United who always have to face teams who regard this as their biggest game of the season clinch the league against two teams who can’t be bothered to put up a real fight.

Oh, and Chelsea: don’t forget, you have one game to play. Gary Megson tried to remind the footballing world of it but to no avail, his words went unnoticed.