Date: 16th June 2019 at 1:06pm
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Some four weeks ago, here at Vital Manchester United, we ran an article that related to the future of our young striker, Marcus Rashford.

Our article, Click Here, suggested that when it comes to keeping the 21-year-old striker, Manchester United might have to dig very deep into their pockets to keep the player out of the hands of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Our article inferred that Rashford could reap the rewards with a salary said to be in the region of £300,000 a week.

Now, some four weeks on, the scenario has changed slightly.

The Sun, are reporting that the striker, approaching the last year of his current deal, is pushing for a weekly salary of £350,000 a week, I’m sure you’ll agree a pretty penny.

But, when you study what has gone on before, you can see where Rashford and his advisers are coming.

The moment the Old Trafford hierarchy decreed that they’d sanction wages of around £500,000 a week for Alexis Sanchez, the equilibrium surrounding the United pay structure would be disrupted.

Now I’m of the opinion that no player is worth that amount of money a week, but I acknowledge that in the society we live in, where revenue streams support such a deal, players are going to push for as much money as they can get.

A harsh fact of life but, sadly, one that is true when it comes to the game that has moved so far away from the working man.

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3 Replies to “Opinion: United Have Only Themselves To Blame For Disturbing The Equilibrium”

  • It is true that the board has done a blunder, should have brought a manger who is capable of shaping a team, right from David moyes the downward trend started. Adding fuel to the fire was mourinho, who had broken the club, and now it is Pogba , who assured that he will be better if mourinho is not there, we wasted money to send him. Solsjker is like a arrow strung in the bow waiting to be released. Where are we going? There should be a huge paradigm shift, if the club has to come to its usual glory. So Edward should be sacked, manager with experience of making changes should be brought in, to attain top 4 status, to promise champions league football to upcoming players from small clubs who are talking about it. Manager should have some values and professional man management traits to bring the club to one order. If Edward continues without understanding the weakness of the club and players, it is going to be another downward spiralling.

  • From their respective performances the past 2 seasons, No player in the present squad apart from DDG is worth even N300,000 per week. They all should be ashamed of collecting salaries they barely worked for! We need players who value the MU shirt not the dough!

  • United as a club is going downward. They lack seriousness in the transfer window, been linked to average players and buying average players means that united will run remain an average club. The club need to change who ever is incharge of player acquisition. Currently united lacks good right flank player but yet Moroccan ziyach of ajax is available for a fair price. Manchester United needs to WAKE UP

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